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#1 WA Mobile Device Service Centre - Call us 08 6555 3666

Momax QClock 10W Digita Alarm Clock Built-in Wireless Charger

by Momax

Brand: MOMAX
Model: QC1
Name: Digital Alarm Clock Wireless Charger Input: 12V/1.5A
Output: 5V/1A, 9V/1A (10W Max)
Lamp color temperature: 2800-3200K
Lamp power: 1.5W
Size: 156 X 107 X 80mm
Material: ABS
Weight: 400g
color: White
Induction distance: a?¤8mm

user guidance
1. Remove the tape from the battery cover
2. Connect this product to the power adapter and a sound will be sent when the power is connected.
3. Place a Qi-compatible device (such as a smartphone) on top of the product
4. Power on indicator red, green LED light flashes, red light is always on when charging, Samsung mobile phone is fully charged
The green light is always on; the Apple phone is fully charged with red light.
5. After charging is complete, please remove your wireless charging device